Wind Jockey®

A roadside banner messaging system that withstands winds of 60+mph

We LOVE them! They’re big and flashy and the shape really stands out on the roadside
– Mary


The patented design combines a fixed steel base with flexible carbon rods. The unique shape stands out in the clutter

As a recruiting manager I’m always looking to attract talent. So pleased with the traffic it generated, we ordered them for all our stores

High Visibility

Large 4′ X 5′, two sided banner demands attention from both directions of traffic

The shape is eye catching, stands out in the roadside clutter. Easy banner change outs. Great product!
– Camella


Multiple messages?
No problem! Banner switch out is quick and cost-effective on the one time buy base hardware

For our new stores we bought 3 additional banners for each base. Coming Soon, Now Open and Now Hiring. Helps keep our properties orderly
– Amit